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**************Hutchys last Hurragh***************


Now that my Beautiful Children have finished their exams I can let the cat out of the bag.

For those not in the know I have late diagnosed Lung Cancer, it has spread widely within my body. It is inoperable and beyond treatment and I have around 9 months left.

And there was me thinking I just had growing pains and looking so well too.

There were a few lovely, lovely people who I confided in from the diagnosis and my heartfelt thanks go to them for helping me just by being there and sharing the emotion. You know who you are, huge huge love to you..


So, I am not just going to sit around and let this arse of a disease take over.


I intend to play the top 50 Golf Courses in Ireland over the next few months, more if I can, less if I cant, finishing with an Open Competition over our beautiful Royal Bushfoot in early Autumn. 

Any one who wants to join me and play on any of the courses, you will be more than welcome. List to follow, cant wait.

I will be collecting for 2 charities along the way, the MacMillan Trust and its Irish counterpart The Irish Cancer Society and all contributions will be gratefully received.


Here is where you come in folks


I am trying to get my Big Red Van ready now and hopefully will be off on the longer hauls at the beginning of August, if anyone can help with fitting it out I would be very grateful. I am not quite so good at heavy bending stretching stuff any more. Just the basics, cant make a silk purse out of a sows’ ear. I have all the gear, it just needs fitting inside.


And if anyone out there is any good at fund raising? and has some free time I would love to hear from you. Mostly ‘cos I want to concentrate on Having Fun !!!


Any other expertise that will help? happy to hear from you.


So spread the word Facetubers, the more support the better



Sod a whimper, lets have a bang.



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