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Holly Tunbridge

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Chard, Somerset

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Hi.. I'm Holly, I'm 31 and live in the West Country...  5 years ago my mostly brilliant, sometimes awkward, always funny seriously generous very adventure seeking Dad became consumed by a mental breakdown and made the devastating decision to end his own life. Leaving his family shattered, devastated and heart broken. 

My dads death has made me realise just how precious my own mental health is. 3 years ago I started running... Just tiny runs to start with, literally one minute running, one minute walking.. Working up to 5k in the first  year and 10K in the second year and this year I plan to run a half marathon. Running makes me feel good.. Posiitive, optimistic about the future:)

i want to raise money for mind because the work they do is brilliant.. Because people need to talk about mental health more and stop the stigma that's attached!

please sponsor me:)) I think my dad would laugh hard knowing I was doing this!! But I also think he'd be pretty proud:) I think of him everyday and Im sure I always will... I can't change what happened to him but with better support mind could help someone suffering as he was.

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