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Living Water Church Of  God Jesus Christ intends to implement the project titled “The Child-Safe Spaces for Education, Sports & Feeding Project” which will work with vulnerable children in the streets and poor neighborhoods Eldoret Slums of Kenya. The children and youth, aged between 7 to 17 years, will be offered the opportunity to be Educated, fed, clothed, learn, play, and compete in many sports. They will be organized into five poor urban neighborhoods, where they will be facilitated to Education facilities, play various fun games after school, on weekends and during the school holidays. Under this project, the youth and children will be taught Living Water Church Of  God Jesus Christ approach of having fun while learning and attaining valuable social skills. These zones will be run by qualified teachers and volunteer coaches who have been taught the Living Water Church of Jesus Christ approach of having fun while learning new social skills

And Mostly to help provide counseling and bereavement support services to children and teens who have experienced the loss of parent  and loved one, regardless of the circumstance of the death

Pastor Peter Ndungu Mwangi
 P.o. Box 6506-30100

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