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Hi, thank you for visiting my Charity Choice page.  I am a married mum of three, soon to be a foster carer and avid animal lover.  I have already climbed a virtual mountain, 7 years ago when when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, now as a survivor I want to climb a literal mountain to raise money and awareness for Shine Cancer Support.  

Not only am I doing this for myself I am doing this in memory of my brother Steve who died of lung cancer when he was 44.

I want to inspire and encourage other cancer survivors that no matter what life throws at them you can throw something bigger and better back.  

My personal reason for wanting to accept this challenge is to prove that whatever cancer took from me it will never take my fighting spirit.

Whoever donates £50 or more will get themselves a personalised video message from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro itself!!!

See you at the top!

Thank you for your support.

Helena x

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Total money raised so far: £25.00


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