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I am an  enthusiastic and bubbly individual who has a passion for animals. I am finishing my last year in college in June 2014 and aim to train in a qualifed veterinary practice to become a qualified veterinary nurse. After completing my training, my goal is to nurse over seas and work with large animals such as lions, tigers and rhinos. My favourite animal is the snow leopard and dream to work with them one day to help conserve their delicate numbers. In the future, I would like to create a breeding programme with snow leopards to help their wild numbers increase. 

I love to help people out and took part in a government initiative called National Citizenship Service which is a 4 week programme. In the last two weeks of the programme, the scheme focuses on charity work and is essential to raise money for a local charity. It was seen as a bit of a competition in the group I was in, we split into two teams each raising money for different charities. My team, Speak Out, worked to raise money for the East Berkshire Women's Aid. We put on a fayre in the summer and raised £750 for the charity,

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