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I have a wide background in reproductive public health; Before entering a career in research, I developed extensive knowledge in maternal, reproductive and childhood health through clinical experience as a midwife. Subsequent to this I completed my Master in Health Research (MRES), my dissertation focus was on obstetric fistula. I then undertook an internship with the World Health Organization (WHO), within the division of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research. I undertook many literature reviews and worked towards promoting evidence based practice. In my current role as a Research Associate/Midwife at Imperial, I manage and lead on numerous projects.  I organise and manage data collection and handling, communication, project progression and recruitment for national and international research projects run from our Women’s Health Research Centre. I have become skilled in meeting internal deadlines and have developed my formal communication skills presenting my findings at conferences.

I am the lead researcher for an international project that requires regular correspondence and communication with Canada and France.  We have developed a positive relationship and support each other to increase recruitment. I feel effective communication, teamwork and hard-work are my strengths which ensure my projects are running on schedule.

My aim for my career is to focus on the health of women and newborn infants in low income settings. I have a strong desire to work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). In support of this outside of my professional role, I am currently working with the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and Wellbeing of Women (WoW), on a study focusing on MDG 5, titled ‘Pilot project in monitoring of women’s health condition across the referral chain, Yola North (Jimeta), Adamawa state, Nigeria.’  I  initiated this project, wrote the research proposal, and established a collaboration with the charities Transaid and Society for Family Health (SFH), and between an experienced consultant Suzie Elneil (Committee member of FIGO, Chair of Fistula Foundation, Ethiopia). I believe this demonstrates my passion for progressing in my career in international development. 

I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic in regards to working hard in order achieve good results. I am interested in collaborating with charities and assisting in completing projects, evaluations and policy documents. Please do contact me if you would like to work together!

Thank you very much!

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