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Hi i work for the Charity Wanlockhead Museum Trust whom are the Trustees for the Hidden Treasures, Museum of Lead Mining, which is located in the higest village in Scotland in Wanlockhead, Dumfries / border of Lanarkshire it site 1531 feet above sea level. I work as the Visitor Service Officer.

The museum of lead mining is a fantasic oppertunity to explore what the lives of all the miners where, including when they where in the mine, how they lived through the centuries and also a chance to visit the 2nd oldest subscription library in Europe which holds the original books that the miners purchased way back in the past centuries... its unreal to think that by the 1700 all the miners were educated ie they all could read....this is hard to imagine when they were so isolated in what would have been a very remote village with such a hardy way of life.

Please feel free to contact me to find out any information on the museum, and we are always looking for sponsors or volunteers to help our museum sustain in this difficult time.


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