Graeme Scott

Graeme Scott

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Bury, Lancashire

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I have (anonymously) been supportive of childrens' charities for a number of years.
I am particularly supportive of these because of my own children, when younger, losing close friends to Cancer, Heart Disease, Nut Allergy Induced Anaphylactic Shock, etc.

I also have a high interest in wild life and do volunteer work for The Wildlife Trust through a wildlife watch group that encourages youngsters (8 - 13 year old) to take an interest in flora and fauna.
I also participate in actvities associated with "Friends of Kirkees Valley". As "friends" we carry out voluntary work to assist in the maintenance the Local Area Nature Reserve (managed by Bury Council) that is located in the valley of Kirklees Brook.

In earlier years I raised monies by participating in half and full marathons (sponsored) but age and dodgy joints preclude that now!

Other charities, particularly Cancer Research, receive contributions of clothing and other household items to help with their fund raising efforts.

I am a keen golfer (modest handicap) and participate in charity fund raising events when time allows.

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