Grace Cunningham

Grace Cunningham

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Motherwell, Scottish Islands

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                I am an ambitious and dedicated performing arts student who following extensive competition was awarded a place at a prestigious school - Cambridge Performing Arts (Bodywork.) To give an indication of the competition involved, the intake this year was 119, out of roughly 800 who audition both nationally and internationally.  I have been accepted onto their three year National Diploma in Dance/Musical Theatre course and I'm hoping to move there in September to continue my studies.

                I have always had a passion for the Performing Arts and in particular dancing. Taking classes from the age of three, I have matured as a performer, not only in Dance but in singing and acting. I am currently finishing an HNC in Professional Stage Dance at JazzArt UK in Motherwell. Here I train in various aspects of the performing arts with the aim of becoming a triple threat performer.

                The chance to train at this prestigious college is a unique opportunity. It will enhance and refine my existing skills and overall performance to a standard required to be successful in this Industry. As it is a specialist college, it will strengthen my technique and provide me with a professional etiquette that is necessary within the Performing Arts. The college has a strong focus on turning out well rounded versatile performers who are then well equipped for a variety of roles.

                I am passionate about dancing. My dream is to take up this outstanding opportunity. Course fees however are incredibly expensive and I am unable to receive any support towards funding from the Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) due to the level of study I am undertaking.  I therefore do not qualify for any loans or bursaries to help with fees, living and maintenance costs.  I am seeking financial support towards making this dream happen.

                Annual Fees are £10,500 a year.  I would require moving to Cambridge and rent is roughly in the region of £500 per month.  My parents are willing to support me as much as possible, however the total cost between fees and living costs, exceeds affordable expectations.  I am therefore trying to fundraise part of the money so I can take up this opportunity.

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