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Neurodermatitis and psoriasis improve under the influence of light. But this is not a free newspaper for sunbathers! Normally, they are dangerous for the skin, they are used in a targeted manner and they can have a healing effect when they are precisely dosed best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis scalp: from ultraviolet (UV) rays the skin doctors promise reduction in itchy skin diseases like neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Properly eultended, the ultraviolet rays in the patient's skin promote the blood circulation and normalize the metabolism.

They also prevent them. that the cells divide too quickly at the affected skin sites. The therapeutic effect of UV rays is, however, not a leaflet for sunbathers according to the motto "much helps a lot". During the treatment seborrheic dermatitis home treatment, only beams of a certain wavelength range are produced with medical technology devices or other rays are filtered out. In the case of neurodermatitis, mainly UV-A rays are used; in the case of psoriasis, primarily UV-B rays are used. The dosage is individual for each patient.

The physician determines how much radiation the patient can tolerate by the skin test. until the skin reacts with redness. What lies over it is too much and damages the skin. In the specialist language, this stress limit of the skin is called minimal erythema dose (MED). According to an individual treatment plan, the patients are irradiated several times a week, dark sunglasses protect the eyes. The radiation dose is initially about 60% of the MED and is slowly increased.

Natural sunlight is used in healing treatments on the Dead Sea. What makes this therapy so effective for psoriasis patients is the combination of UV light and salt. The salt sensitizes the skin in addition to the radiation Therefore, the Dead Sea has been taken to the clinic's baths in Germany: bathed in a concentrated salt solution (at least 15% salt content), at the same time or afterwards the irradiation follows. Other substances for ingestion or application, which make the skin sensitive to radiation, are used in the treatment of psoriasis.

It is not necessary for every patient. that he exposes his whole body to the rays. For psoriasis on the scalp, for example, there are special light combs, spot irradiation devices are suitable for nail bed psoriasis seborrheic dermatitis scalp cure. In contrast to whole-body or partial-body devices, these spotlights are paid for the application at home by the health insurance company.

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