Giovanni Colapietro

Giovanni Colapietro

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London, London (Greater London)

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My name is Giovanni, I come from Rome and I am 30 years old. My motivations for assisting charities are as simple as they are honest and true: I want to help, to realise if my qualities are worth making others' life better, even if for a brief time. I realised that I need a way to step into the world and get a different perspective on life, a different way to comunicate with people in order to understand more, and give more. I ideally see myself assisting deprived people, migrants, trafficked persons, listen to their stories, understand their sufferings and help find a way to help them.

I'm eager to put my skills and knowledge at service of a charity, and also to find a way to make my interests of help, although what I'm looking for is simply to be involved and be of help, in any way. Speaking of my skills and interests, I could for example freelance for an organization helping with research, or I could write an article for a magazine, make an interview or provide photografic material. It's all about being of help, and I am ready to use all ther esources I have for this purpose.

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