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My name is Gina and I will be 41 on the day of the skydive !  I have wanted to do a sky dive for a number of years but have only just put this into action after having a zorbing session a few weeks ago (rolling down a hill in a giant ball).  I think life really does begin at 40 !

So my reasons for doing this and wanting the money donating to cancer research are as follows:

My Nan Freda, my Grandad Norman, my friend Sue and a very special little boy called Mark Westwood.

Freda had cancer a number of times which resulted in her having a double masectomy. RIP Freda.

Norman was a very hardworking man, ran his own chartered fishing boat trip business from Rhyl harbour and always had the attitude " I can and I will" and "Never Give Up".  His determination is the best legacy anyone can leave behind, I know that is where I get my determination from.  Norman developed prostate cancer. RIP Norman.

Sue was my friend and neighbour for over 12 years. She developed stomach cancer and passed away on my birthday in 2011 leaving behind her daughter Louise. RIP Sue.

Mark was my friend Sarah and Barry's Son. He developed sickness and was back and forward to the doctors then it was discovered he had a brain tumour whilst a doctor from Alder Hey was at Glan Clwyd Hospital. He was 8 when this was diagnosed and passed away when he was 9. Never one to complain, making the most of every day. He was a true inspiration and I miss him dearly. RIP Mark.

Please donate to cancer research. We all know someone who has been affected by this illness.

My friend Joanne Berrisford is also doing the skydive on the same day, raising money for the same charity. 

Live life to the full.

Thank you.

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