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Hello! Having worked professionally with people dealing with mental ill-health and more recently experiencing mental ill-health myself, I know that good support can really help people in their dark times and in their return to a meaningful life. 

I also know that mental health is often misunderstood or feared or both, and can leave sufferers feeling isolated and scared of reaching out for help or admitting they are struggling.   We need to educate people about taking care of their emotional health as much as their physical health.  We also need easily accessible services to support people when they need help.

As part of addressing my own wellbeing,  I have entered the Great East Swim and am in training to swim one mile in open water (in a rather attractive wetsuit!!) at Alton Water reservoir on June 17th this year. This involves circuit training,  three swims and daily walks each week!   I am taking this opportunity to raise vital funds for Suffolk MIND mental health organisation, who are inspiring people to talk about and look after their mental health.  We need to remove the stigma associated with mental health and this is one small way that I can help to do that.

So, I would really appreciate your support and your cash to help MIND continue their amazing work.

Thank you so much.  Gillian x

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