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Chloe has decided that this summer, she would like to have some fun and raise a little bit of money for a charity that has really helped our family over the last few years, since James was diagnosed with Chronic Refractory ITP. This is a rare condition and the ITP Association has been an invaluable source of information while James has tried many different treatments and spent time in hospital. Chloe says she would like to help other people who need to have a lot of blood tests like Daddy! Chloe (and Mummy!) will be taking part in the Liverpool Big Fun Run on August 15th. 5k may not be a marathon but running it is a challenge for Chloe's little legs, and we all have to start somewhere! Thank you for supporting us.

Information about the work of the ITP Support Association is available by clicking 'more' on the link below.

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Total money raised so far: £247.50


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