George Ferguson, ofs

George Ferguson, ofs

Current Location:
EAST KILBRIDE, Lanarkshire

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I am Secular Franciscan, married to Connie for 34 years and have three children. I am living in East Kilbride, Scotland and a parishioner of St Vincent de Paul's in the same town.  I am a folk singer and member of St Vincent's music ministry.

I currently work as an Education Support Assistant at a local primary school.

I have done quite a bit of fundraising in the past, recently raised £1,300.00 for Diabetes UK Scotland, but prior to that was involved in raising over £11,000.00 for Darfur in 2004.

I have often wondered what I could do to ease the plight of Christians in places like Pakistan who have been attacked because of their faith.  I decided to do something constructively by raising awareness, some funds and hope by creating this event - Walk of Hope. Please support this event and charity by sponsoring me.

Pax et Bonum

Peace and all goood

George, ofs

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Total money raised so far: £56.00