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Dr Geoff Jones, BA, MA, MSc, PhD, CPFA

Former manager, consultant, auditor, tutor and lecturer.

Fundraising to perpetuate the memory of John Ace-Hopkins (1953-2011)
and to support the work of the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA).

I knew John for nearly 20 years and always had good times with him.
He was hugely entertaining company, but also a gifted inventor and entrepreneur.

His work put him at the leading edge of humane management techniques for commercial fish farming in the UK.

Following from the award given him in 2011, in 2012 the HSA gave the
'John Ace-Hopkins Award' to the Stunning and Slaughter Group of Bristol Univerity's School of Vetinary Sciences - see update post on this website or go to and click on the 'HSA Press' tab.

I hope that by fundraising in cooperation with the HSA we can help people with similar talent to pursue and develop more humane farming practices.





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Total money raised so far: £1,430.00


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