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Prior to 1990 I had done Animal Rescue work with several organisations but had got terribly frustrated at the amount of time they'd spend discussing whether to help an animal in need of attention. As a result, with a few friends, we began "Friends of the Animals". 

The ability to make decisions that SAVE LIVES is delegated to trained helpers and staff who then make the decisions that have literally saved hundreds and hundreds of lives. We do not need a committee meeting to decide if a cat in road traffic accident needs help, or if a dog left home alone needs caring for - we act.

On top of that we also realise that "prevention is better than cure" and so to that end we have spent a lot of time and money arranging subsidised spaying and neutering. We negotiate a reduced rate with local vets and then subsidise it still further so that the service becomes accessable to more people. In this way the number of unwanted animals is greatly reduced and thoses remaining have a greater "value" to their "owners".

We greatly appreciate all the support we receive and I would be happy to talk personally to anyone who'd like to know more about our work and how they can help and make a differance. I can usually be reached on 01983-522-511


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