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Freddie here, hello! 

Just an average guy who lives in a rented flat and works as a freelance writer. I write articles designed for the Web and cover wide variety of topics. My most recent creations include:

- a basic guide for natural home cleaning with recipes - articles about DIY home cleaners are all over the Web, so I decided to write one myself. It's nothing original and probably not even true, but it gives the basics to chemical free cleaning if that's what you're looking for;

- an article which covers commonly overlooked spots when cleaning - this piece relates to moving out cleaning - something with which I'm quite familiar since I'm a tenant myself. I've been relocating a lot in the past six years, so I thought I have something to say on the matter;

- my tenancy cleaning checklist - okay, I admit I was on a tenancy related spree. I wrote this one as a reminder to myself (and to other people who might need some advice regarding the matter). After all, moving out is indeed stressful as it is, you don't need to complicate it even more by forgetting about cleaning behind your appliances and forcing your landlord to refuse to return your deposit...;

- the "I-know-all-about-clutter" article -  yes, I do know about clutter, I'm a freakin' human. I have lots of stuff and I live in a rented apartment. In this piece, I give you tips on how to deal with clutter in hope that you're going to read it and share your insights with me so that I could finally deal with my clutter problems;

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