William Heymann Longdon- Adomadzi

William Heymann Longdon- Adomadzi

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I combined majored in Politcal Science and Information Studies from the University of Ghana-Legon. Since then, I have been invloved in social, environmental, primary education, youths and skills developments reseacher and project managements.

I have considerable knowledge and experience associated with some number of years spent working with some (TV, Radio, Print) media platforms in Ghana. 

In addition, I have worked with some national NGOs with international affilations in Ghana including; Solid Rock Association-Ghana, a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center-USA, and also with Surcadiff Association-an organisation in Special Consultative Status-2011 with ECOSOC-UN.

with the former, I assisted as the Public Relations Officer and with the later in the area of media communication and information management.


Currently, I have established Fapimpa-Sini-Mboa as a non-profit organisation established with a prime interest to support other non-profits, NGOs, CBOs in Ghana and beyond with media communication, research, information management and training

Currenlty, I am coordinating two ongoing initiatives;

1. Christ Youth 4 Peace-2012 9co-organised with ROWAC Int. (www.rowac.org)

1. 1Ghana-Peace Call Initiative (www.project.tigweb.org/OneGhana_PC)

2. Community Mobile ICT Centers program


I love Life: to say the very least treasure It. I love to see others become better people-fulfill their individual dreams and aspirations. I believe Life is a journey of exchanges-and so love to share knowledge and understanding to make the world a better place-FRUITFUL

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