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Having experienced one of the toughest weeks we've ever encountered with our beautiful baby girl only 6 and a half months being seriously ill and admitted to the high dependency unit in Brighton paediatric hospital, with pneumonia and bronchiolitis, we wanted to give back to the amazing staff and hospital who helped in more ways than one. 

Not only were the staff extremely competent, they were amazing with Rose and always there when we needed them. Having been unlucky enough to visit the HDU on 3 seperate occasions with our children we are forever grateful for the level of care and attention they always offer. 

During our stay on the ward we came across a number of children and parents who have been on the ward for long stints and have gone through hell and back. With this in mind and with a grateful heart from our own experience both Chris and I want to give back to such a worthy cause. This is why we have signed up to run the Windsor Half Marathon in September.

Now for those that know me (Jennie) you'll know I am a through and through sprinter and anything longer than 50metres is out of the question. Added to the fact that I despise running and last exercised properly about 7years ago pre-kids, this is a HUGE undertaking. For Chris, well he just hates running!

So please please help us raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause.

Many thanks, 

Jennie and Chris 

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