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You are supporting me in the Great North Swim....thank you! I am humbled to tell you that the charity I am swimming for has supported my family for over 18 years, since my dear sister had a liver transplant.

LIVErNORTH provides a priceless network between transplant patients themselves and the patients' families, building kinships that last a lifetime. Furthermore, LIVErNORTH provides visiting families with group accommodation, within the hospital grounds.This flat is where my family and many other families in the North stay whilst visiting our loved ones, sometimes for long periods of time.

The liver transplant team are keen to progress better treatment for liver patients using less invasive procedures.  This aim spurred on tireless fundraising and in 2005 LIVErNORTH opened it's own research laboratories within the centre of transplant excellence at Freeman Hospital.  They recently worked on a tissue ablasion project that was entirely sussessful and is now accepted as an important tool in the fight against liver tumours. A brilliant step forward!!!

LiverNorth is a small yet invaluable charity who's founders work selflessly to support others so it's time that I try to give something back!!

Hence, I will be starting my 'doggy paddle' in Lake Windermere at 12noon on Saturday 23rd June. If you fancy a laugh at my expense I'll be togged up in my wetsuit, fluorescent swimhat, nose piece, goggles and ear although I won't be able to see, hear, smell or wave to you please cheer me on!! Thanks.


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