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I am chair for ECI (Everyone Counts International) charity and have held this role since we started out with friends  and family in April of 2011.

The charity was started to initially support communities in the developing world teach their children and young people the values of right and wrong, justice and injustice, community cohesion and other skills which will lead to good governance and positive development of the society. A citizenship education project had been started by ECI in the Niger delta area of Nigeria targetting children in primary and secondary schools. ECI is being supported by reputable organizations in the UK to obtain the necessary  training and strategies to achieve this. ECI is also supporting the communitie by raising awarenes on mental well being  in Nigeria 

ECI in response to discussion around community needs with local agencies in London has developed the ECI Butterflies project which is a family support project holding at Shrewsbury House in Greenwich. This project aims to help beneficiaries develop posivtie community values, positive shared parenting experiences and skills development for children and parents. 

I am  hopeful that these projects are supported and funded to continue and will continue to raise funds to support the growth of the organization.



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Total money raised so far: £256.00