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Hello to all. My name is Emma and I love helping people in any way I can. I always give a helping hand to all my neighbours and now I think itís time to join some fund raising organisations. After all, change has to start somewhere right? I just can't stand the though of somebody living on the street while the rest of the world stays at home and does nothing.


When I'm not participating in charity events I usually stay at home and search the internet for new and interesting stuff. I'm also somewhat of a clean freak. Bacteria bugs me a lot and I try to keep my home as clean as possible. This cleanliness of mine is definitely an advantage for my line of work as I write a lot about cleaning.


I work as a marketing executive for a London carpet cleaning company. We clean all kinds of textile flooring regardless of material or size both in homes and offices. All the technicians we work with are well trained and highly experienced professionals. The cleaning machines and additional tools we use are by Prochem. With these tools, the technicians can easily carry out hot water extraction and dry cleaning jobs such as: pro dry cleaning, powder dry cleaning and foam cleaning. Besides textile floorings, we also clean sofas(leather and suede), curtains and blinds.

Our customer care centre works 24/7 all year long, so whenever a Londoner needs their textile flooring cleaned, we can always assist them.

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