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Hi everybody!

Umm...where to start?! Well in my working life I am a qualified nutritionist and work as the Community Food Coordinator for South Manchester.  This basically means I organise and facilitate courses to try and get people to cook, eat better and generally lead healthier lifestyles - it's a great job and i'm so happy to be a part of the project :).

In my personal life I love to challenge myself.  I have recently turned 26 and have wanted to complete a half marathon for years, I think you just reach a point where you say to yourself, if I don't do it now, I never will.  But alongside this I know there are many charities and people in need particularly in my local area.  I have raised money for big charities before however this year and probably from now on I'm going to focus on smaller, less recognised groups.

I am raising money for an amazing mental health charity called Connect Support - donate now! Your small donation will go such a long way and make a huge difference to so many people :)

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Total money raised so far: £230.00


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