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Emily Thomas-Jones

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I'm Emily, I'm 19 years old and currently living in the Rhondda and Cardiff. I am currently a full time student studying History and Religious Studies at Cardiff University. 

Though I have experience in helping and volunteering I would really like to do more for the community I live in. I have worked in a school that is for special needs. I have helped and volunteered my time within my past school, with younger pupils. But I feel I need to give more!!

My motivations for this are quite simple. due to my own personal experience within my family over the past year, I have been inspired to help others as much as I can. 

The charities I wish to focus my time on are those that help the community I live in. Helping the elderly and cancer reasearch. These three charites I believe are personal to me and my family situation. I hope to give as much help as I have received over the past year.

My general interests are attending the gym, swimming and of course socialising with friends. 

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