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Hello, my name is Emily Dyke, I'm trying to set up a massive youth project in my town before I leave to go to university, it's considered a dirty, grotty place by so many places within 60 miles of it, if you are from Oswestry you are considered gutter level automatically, but it's only because those of them who are clever enough to make something of themselves don't have the ambition or the opportunity to reach their potential. I've had alcoholism issues for about 4 years now, but now I feel like I'm ready to actually pull myself up and make something good happen. I've convinced 20-25 of my friends, consisting of ex drug-dealers, ex drug-users and many, many more than that at my school's sixth form to come on courses with me and go full blow to clean up our town and get rid of the curse that's been so well known for so many years. Ideally, I want to create living accommodation for those who are stuck in somewhere where they don't want to be and have no-where to go. It would all be fund raised for and provided free, I want to create a gym (I have volunteers who have trainer qualifications), an industrial sized kitchen, which could be used for a soup kitchen as well, a 24 hr drop in nurse centre, an art studio, a gaming room, a cool down room and a small house on the side for myself.I want there to be a computer suite with a decent studying facility to get these kids passing their GCSEs. I want to focus the age group at 13-16 year olds, an age at which for most it would not be considered "too late". There are a mixture of 17-20 year olds backed by a superb team of adults trying their hardest to help me fulfill my goal. No matter what happens, I want this to happen, I won't leave this town without a place like this for people I know are brilliant beneath all of the drugs and drink, which is a very prominent issue within my area at the moment, especially with Mkat and G. I want these kids to have people like my dedicated team of close friends, who are willing to tell them about their own experiences, as every single one of us screwed up along the line, and then there are the "normal" people from the sixth form that can encourage sport etc. I am sick of people moaning about the state of our community and doing nothing to change it. Someone has to do something, I want to hook up with local youth centres and find the kids that need the actual help of a supportive group of people, I want to speak to the schools locally and find more residents. I want to find the perfect front runner adult for the job, which I will find. I want this to be known wherever it can be, because I am determined to make it work without help, but help would do me us a massive favour.

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