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Hi everyone! I am Elnur, a graduate student from Azerbaijan, as you can also call a junior lawyer. My dream has always been to study in the United Kingdom, in my dreamcity - London, and now I am just a little step behind my goal. After a long way and great efforts, I managed to get an offer from University of Essex, LLM International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. I have also been awarded with a Tinson Scholarship Award which is very competitive and only given one student from post-Soveit blog countries. Cost of Living in Essex However, I have to deal with a huge problem about how to finance my livings in the UK, which includes my flights, accommodation, and further expenses. The average amount of livings in Essex, Colchester Campus is 9135 GBP + 225 GBP for health surcharge and 330 GBP for visa fees - it will be approximately 10.000 GBP for my one year master study which is completely unaffordable for me. Thus I need every single dollars you can donate, that is very important for my future! I should not lose this opportunity and study in the UK for this spring term 2016/2017. Thank you for all your support in advance!

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Elnur Karimov

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