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I have just finished studying my Geogrpahy, Biology and English A-levels and am about to persue a gap year. Throughout the next year I wish to get involved in fundraising and volounteering for NGO's and especially go to visit the LEDCs they work in to set up clean water, education systems and healthcare. 

My inspiration for these motivations came from studying Geography, as we learnt a lot about poverty, the causes of it and the effects of it, but also how to tackle it. Knowing about international issues like this has made me even more determined to help solve the problems and put an end to poverty.

My general interests inculde playing Netball and Tennis twice a week, as well as coaching the junior teams in both. I'm also an active member of the Lydney Youth Council and work a part time job. I like the active lifestyle and enjoy spending much of my time outside, especially in summer when biking and surfing are particular interests of mine. 

I've recently applied for various different volounteer positions to gain some more experience in my local area including helping at the local hospital, with The Forestry Comission and with disabled children once a week in order to help build their confidence. 

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