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My name is Eleanor, and along with my husband Julien, we will be cycling the SEStran Two Capitals event on Sunday June 17, 2012. We will be raising money for Medical Research Scotland - Cardiac and Vascular Disease. 

Last year, my Uncle, Brian Inches, died very suddenly due to a bleed from his Aeorta. He had visited the hospital and GP surgery several times in the days before his death, and his condition was not detected. His death sent shockwaves through our family, and all of the friends surrounding us. Our hope is that, through raising funds for research, detection and treatment methods can be improved, and prevent other families from sufferring the way we did.

My Uncle Brian was a keen cyclist, and took part in the SEStran Two Capitals event last year, only five days before his untimely death. We will follow in his footsteps and pay tribute to a man that will never be forgotten.

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Total money raised so far: £300.00


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