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I have always been a creative and motivated individual, unfortunately due to illness and depression I dont have the kind of energy I used to have, but have plenty of experience that can be put to good use. I recognise the vast needs that every person has in order to live a fullfilling life, and that not everybody is able to accomplish the things that build a healthy life, a feeling of personal independance, security and many more needed aspects of wellbeing. I have many talents that i would like to share, which will not only enrich other peoples lives... but also my own. Due to the nature of my illness there is a lot of time in which i am well enough to help others, however, recurantly many time in which i am not well. Therefore I am not able to take on the responsibility of a full time job, but when I am well enough to volunteer help, I am more than happy to. I am looking for a charity or organisation which recognises the use of my talents and can provide the opportunity to use them to help less able people, whether that be physically or mentally. My talents include... Diy, Garden design, Art, Music production, Cookery, Friendship, And many more... These are also my interests, so you can be sure that I will be enthusiastically involved.

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