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  Iam erwau denis from uganda aged 26,i run asmall orrganisation in eastern region of uganda aplace called soroti district village amuria.The charity organisation is called Emiti emito fundation its not well known because its just starting. it was aplace once affected by civil conflicts which left most of the people of the area affected in that it led to the the destruction of homes, death of pople left others orphans,others where displaced till the goverment intervened into the situsation of the locals in the area.i later started up asmall group of childern sponsoring them into school mostly below the age of 18yr.what inspired mie into starting up this was the fact that i am from the the same place the it so happened that most of these  non government organisation are being set up in these place are mostly based in aparticular area which i not benefiting the people of my are so i came  up with the idea and i sold it to my sister who graduated in the same field and currently working with some organisation helping the futher prospects are to expand the number that i have to a big number to atleast involve the disabled to into my program.w currently have 26 students wea helping through this program and we wish to expand this to a big number and in futher just build  achildrens care centre in the village.the biggest challenge we are facing is finaces thats why i got to advertise this through the internet so that maybe i could get help from the wel wishers.You can contact me through the information  below.

Telephone; +2560706959141 or +2560775608485


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