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I am completing the forthcoming British 10k London Run with my daughter Natalie on behalf of the Andean Medical Mission (AMM).

AMM is a UK based charity set up to help organize, build and manage eye care services in remote regions of the Bolivian Amazon and Andean mountains in South America.

AMM carry out sight saving eye surgery and are committed to helping Bolivian doctors by providing training and equipment. Their services are provided free of charge. They donít charge for their training and surgery and all the UK eye surgeons travel at their own cost. Every penny that I raise goes on medicines and consumables for surgery and building the eye care service that this remote region needs so badly.

Fact: Did you know that as much as 88% of blindness in Latin Americans over the age of 50 is curable?

Natalie and I are hugely inspired by their work and the enormous changes AMM bring to the indigenous peoples of remote regions of Bolivia.

My run is my effort to support their life changing work - however I need your help.

Please sponsor me what you feel you can afford - every contribution will be well received and will go along way to helping people who really need it.

UK£500 pays for around 15 eye operations a day - allowing people to see their friends and family again! Just imagine...

You can find out more about AMM at their website:

Thanks very much - gracias!


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Total money raised so far: £280.00


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