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I am an Irish citizen living in London since 2006. I have recently been travelling to some very disadvantaged area's and it opened my eyes to a lot of the suffering in the world. As with a lot of world travellers when I came back I was a bit disillusioned with western lifestyle and the waste and casual cruelty and disregard for our fellow human.

Up until now I have been working in the corporate world, I've been in IT for various financial companies and it all seems so pointless to me now. I feel like I am wasting what little time I have on this earth and hope to use my time more constructively. I have always been a person who gets joy from helping others. I have a very protective personality. I would like to move into the charity sector where I can feel like my work is doing some good instead of just making rich people richer.

I am a smart, empathic person who is very adaptable to various situations. I would be willing to give anything a try so long as I believe in the cause.

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