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Hello my name is Daniel olowo am a born again Christian. Am here in Uganda, am here running a ministry and in this ministry all is about preaching the gospel of my lord Jesus Christ and helping the needy children.

I have a number of children that am taking care of but due to the much need in the ministry, things are getting out of hand in that the, orphanage needs (school going children needs uniforms, books, pens , food that they could eat, beddings and other school going tools), church we need open air crusade machines. We believe through the gospel we are preaching that people are getting to know the love God have for them and how God wants them to live while they are on earth. Because we find that failing to know how God wants us to be is over leading to many orphans in the area, I mean people live a life without Godís fear and they end up acquiring disease, an nursery death etc.

My sending to you this mail is that you may help me find someone who may help me to help these people even you; you may be one of them.

I have so far register with the local government


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