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Hello my fellows,

I am a journalist and a Writer br profession, who has authored series of paradigm-shift books yet to be published.

Again, I am a national mental health activist and public educator in Ghana.

In 2011, I embarked on a nationwide bike tour to raisefunds, campaign and commemorate the official launch of the 2011 WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY IN ACCRA, GHANA. I did it for GHANA MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION  in Accra

reference: goggle.ghananewsagency.danielobengmanteaw.a young Ghanaian cyclist...

This year, I prefere to replicate the event internationally, and with the application of the modern crowdfunding  fundraising modules.

I will again launch a motivational book as a donation to increase the coffers of the "LUCKY" organization, that will apply first on my list.

Please, for further information ,visit sites.

facebook.com. Daniel Obeng Manteaw [Danny Zeal]




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