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A year ago I had a health scare and spent the Spring holiday in hospital and 9 weeks on IV antibiotics. When was allowed home I was cared for by the Children's Community Nurses in Hertfordshire. They were amazing, they were kind, patient and nothing was too much trouble. Over the weeks I became very acquanted with the IV process and made sure they were following the correct procedures. I looked forward to the end and even had the long line removal process sheet in my batmitzvah folder as motivation.

I am very thankful to them and really appreciate the wonderful help and support they gave me. Last year I wasn't able to complete the War Race (a 5km challenging Obstacle Course), but this year I can and I would like to raise money to support the nurses and the work they do in the community. 

I know lots of people make fundraising requests, but if you could donate anything I would like to help them buy new equipment to support other unwell children in the community. Although I now have to live with my CRMO (an auto immune condition), it is now under control and hopefully by keeping active and healthy it will stay that way! and I count myself lucky as other children have to endure much longer treatment and I want to try and make it easier for them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page and thank you even more for your donation, it means alot.

Danielle xxx

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