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Having always been told 'people pay a lot of money for my colour hair' I decided to grow it and donate it to those that have lost theirs.

So I looked further into this and found out that with straight auburn hair that has never been dyed it is actually the most valuable hair. For the purpose of making wigs, it needs to be longer than 10 inches, but will not gain in value after 20 inches. I am currently at 18 inches but the growth has slowed dramatically. So I've decided to set a due date for the chop for 31st December 2016.

I then thought about those that lose their hair, and what they must go through, not getting a choice, whether it is through a side effect of medical treatment (like chemo) or through medical conditions (alopecia). So I decided, to raise more awareness, and hopefully raise some money, after cutting my hair, I will shave what is left and become bald.

So, I would be very grateful for any donations, big or small to help me reach a target of £2,000. Half the raised funds will be donated to Alopecia UK and the other half to Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation.

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Total money raised so far: £710.00


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