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After 30 yeras of running I am once again dipping my ravaged toes into the esoteric and wonderful world of ultra-distance. The catalyst is the desire to raise much needed cash for the Border Search and Rescue Unit. I've been a team-member for five years and training officer for three of those. All MR personnel in the UK are volunteers, and the team's operating costs are funded in part by a government grant but largely by charitible donation. We spend a lot of time and energy fund-raising throughout the year and drumming up sponsorship through crazy running events seems a natural extension of this.

On December 19th team-mate Duncan Buchanan and I are running the 38-mile Tour de Helvellyn in the Lake District as a warm up for something a bit special.

The main effort of the winter is the Spine Race MR Challenge - a 109-mile monster along the Pennine Way in the depths of winter, when foul weather, snow and wild winds are pretty-well guaranteed. There's a 60-hour time-limit, and it's usually won in about 28 hours.

Our aim is to finish, which itself is by no means guaranteed. Whatever the weather, it's a long way further than I've run before. My previous longest is 80 miles, and that was 22 years ago when I was a bouncy young fella of 25. It's genuinely going to be a step into the unknown, and the knowledge that a successful race will bring in sponsorship for a cause I hold dear will be a big help.

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