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Imagin a constent burning and beesting like sensation in you arms and legd. Not even bing able to hug someone becase of the pain. Imagin being confind to a wheelchair 95% of your life. loss of sensationin your periferal limbs. Not being about to write. Something as simple as a slower,the water hitting your skin feeling like a thousand knives hitting you. Your body has become immuen to the medication they have tried. Now imgain no cure and being 26 years old when this all started . You know theres medication out thre that can help and is be is denied because of money. imagin hardly leveing he house and in constant pain, being electrocute byyour own body. lossing most of your friend because you can't joinin. THAT IS M LIFE,PLEASE...... HELP ME CHANGE IT. Please. i wantto live.-become part of sociaty again. Be able to shake somonesh and . to hug someone.. And then a new drug , a new hope bur one that my NHS captiont areawont pay for Pegabiline can help me do that. Help me not just to excist...but to live 

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