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I have been helping to run the parish hall at Cruwys Morchard for many years and joined the Management committee in 1987.  My Father was Chairman for eleven years until his sudden death in 1997.  He started the Monthly bingo sessions and the 200 Club in order to raise funds to help with the increasing running costs.  It was his aim to build a new hall, but sadly this did not happen during his lifetime.  In 1990 I chaired an open meeting which was well attended by the parishioners.  A new hall steering group was set up and fundraising began and continues to this day.  Sadly building costs are rising and we have been unsuccessful in obtaining Lottery funding despite two applications.  I have been trying to raise our profile over the years in the hope that someone will help us to succeed.  I have built a community website which was frequently visited in it's first two years.  It has closed temporarly because of increased hosting costs and lack of storage capacity, (the site out-grew the host's facilities), until I can find a cheaper host, with the storage capacity and functions and gadgets that the community site needs.

2012 is our thirteenth year of fundraising...........WATCH THIS SPACE!

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