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Hello, all! I live and work in London for a company called "Move Out Mates". We offer tenancy cleaning and move out services to tenants and landlords, depending on their needs. My main job is to come up with catchy and useful content for the people that read our blog. We give professional advice on all kinds of topics, including tenancy cleaning tips and tricks, moving hacks and other property related info. Our main goal is to make the moving experience effortless and stress-free for both landlords and renters. 

Except the mundane problems of cleaning which tenants face each day, we try to help them with larger issues, such as finding good London area to move into or learn about tenants rights and responsibilities. Disputes are happening quite often and to avoid them in the first place or to defend their interest, landlords and tenants should know what they can and cannot do.

There are times when I write for the sake of writing, or to express my interest in a certain topic. A person should vent, don't you think? Anyways, you can find more from me on the Move Out Mates' Blog, just don't forget to say "Hi" :)

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