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Audrye Wright is a freelancer writer, graphic designer and online marketer from London. She excells in many fields of digital content production such as website design, logo design, 3D animations, infographics, illustrations, and many other types of graphical content. 

Other than that, she's a well trained writer having many online publications. You might find her on Instructables, or Medium and many other online publishing platforms. 

Audrey is also an avid Internet marketer, having many successful projects. She frequents on the UK Business Forums, so if you're looking for an expert opinion on online marketing, content, search engines and more, check out her profile.  

Audrey, as you might imagine, loves the Internet and thinks it's one of the most powerfull tools humanity has to connect, help each other, share knowledge, learn and express ideas, concepts and opinions. 

For her day job, she works as an online marketing executive and digital growth specialist for a domestic services provider in London. Friendly tenancy helpers is a cleaning company focusing it's work in the renting industry, servicing landlords, tenants and estate agents for more than six years. 

You can find about their tenancy cleaning services in their newly launched website.

Audrey is here, on Charity Choice, to learn about charities she can engage with and to use her social media presence to support them and grow their online visibility one click at a time . 

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