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Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure Ltd

Cramlington, Northumberland

The charity provides facilities and services for recreational, sporting or other leisure activiti...Read more »

Sports Council Trust Company, The


Sports Council preserves and safeguards physical and mental health through recreation and educati...Read more »

Coventry Sports Trust

Coventry, West Midlands

Coventry Sports Trust promotes health, education and wellbeing through its leisure and sporting f...Read more »

Trafford Community Leisure Trust

Manchester, Greater Manchester

The charity provides facilities and services for recreational, sporting or other leisure activiti...Read more »

Football League (Community)

Preston, Lancashire

The Football League's charity promotes community participation in healthy recreation by providing...Read more »

Cripplegate Foundation


Cripplegate Foundation provides recreation and leisure facilities to help people in hardship or d...Read more »

Sheffield City Trust

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

The trust provides recreation and leisure facilities and promotes health and social wellbeing in ...Read more »

Borders Sport & Leisure Trust

Scottish Borders

Borders Sport & Leisure Trust provides sports and leisure facilities for the people of Scottish B...Read more »

Circadian Trust

South Gloucestershire

Circadian Trust provides sporting and recreation facilities.Read more »

National Football Museum

Manchester, Greater Manchester

The museum aims to improve public education on the history and development of association footbal...Read more »

Fusion Lifestyle


Fusion Lifestyle provides recreational, sporting and leisure facilities to the public and also pr...Read more »

Premier League Charitable Fund


Premier League Charitable Fund aims to provide the best opportunities for people from all walks o...Read more »

Jubilee Hall Trust Limited

Jubilee Hall Trust The Jubilee Hall Trust is a registered charitable sports trust that ope...Read more »

Barnsley Premier Leisure

Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Barnsley Premier Leisure runs recreation and leisure facilities for people in the Metropolitan Bo...Read more »

The Bath Rugby Community Foundation

Bath Rugby Foundation aim to enhance the lives of young people in the local area through sport. ...Read more »

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