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Charities for people with visual impairments are listed below. Among these UK-based organisations are charities for the blind that help the visually impaired with all aspects of their lives. To donate, or to find out more - including how you can raise funds and volunteer your time - simply click on an individual blind charity.

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Walsall Society for the Blind

Walsall, West Midlands

About Us Our Mission is to provide information, support and friendship to all visually impair...Read more »

Vision Homes Association

Oldbury, West Midlands

With more than 20 years experience, Vision Homes Association provides specialist support for adu...Read more »

4SIGHT - West Sussex Association for the Blind

Bognor Regis, West Sussex

About us 4SIGHT West Sussex Association for the Blind - was established in 1921 to support ...Read more »



Blindaid has been actively engaged in assisting people who are visually impaired or blind in Lond...Read more »

Sheffield Town Trust

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Sheffield Town Trust supports general charitable activities within the City of Sheffield.Read more »

Association of Blind Piano Tuners

Blackburn, Lancashire

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