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UK-based charities dealing with endangered animals & wildlife conservation are detailed below. To find out about the groups concerned, or to learn how you can donate - money, time or goods - or raise funds, simply click on an individual charity. Whether you've a general interest in animal protection, or are concerned with a particular area like marine conservation or wildlife trusts, our listings contain all you need to know.

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British Beekeepers Association

Kenilworth, Warwickshire

BBKA works to support bees and beekeepers. The honey bee is under continuing threats from Varro...Read more »

League Against Cruel Sports

Godalming, Surrey

The League Against Cruel Sports works internationally to campaign against sports that harm animal...Read more »



Howletts Wild Animal Trust, The

Hythe, Kent

Howletts Wild Animal Trust cares forwild animals in danger of extinction and conserves their habi...Read more »

World of Owls

Co. Antrim

The primary aim of the "World of Owls" is to ensure the survival of owls throughout th...Read more »

Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust

Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

The Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust was formed in 1989 to help save the black rhino in Africa. The Tru...Read more »

Veterans For Wildlife

Croydon, Surrey

Bristol Zoo Gardens


Bristol Zoo Gardens promotse the study of zoology and horticulture and arboriculture, and maintai...Read more »

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