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Charity Twinning Launches!


picture of twinning sign

Today, we’ve announced a brand new scheme to help charities called Charity Twinning.

In the same way that you see towns twinned with each other, we’ll be twinning charities.

Charity Twinning is all about giving small charities the opportunity to learn from larger charities and large charities the chance to get back to basics and experience working at a grassroots level again. This means everyone has something to offer and can come away with new skills and enthusiasm.

We talk to small charities all the time here at Charity Choice, and we know how stretched they can be when it comes to the time, resources, and the skills needed to drive their fundraising forward. Looking at our own figures, we found that the top 6% of UK charities receive nearly 90% of all charitable income, and that despite total charity income growing by £3.8bn over the last year, there was actually a decline of 1% in real terms for small charities.

With Charity Twinning, we’re hoping to give charities of all sizes the chance to share the insights and innovation that help make the charity sector such an inspirational place to work.

We’ve already signed up six charities to take part in Charity Twinning:
•    Fairtrade Foundation & Orangutan Land Trust
•    Alzheimer’s Society & Hope for Children
•    Macmillan Cancer Support & Kidasha

We’ll be following their progress as they meet up over the next few months, and will keep you all updated with what they learn along the way. Good luck to all participants!

If Twinning sounds like something your charity would like to get involved in, contact us at for more information.

4 Comments on Charity Twinning Launches!

Joelle Wyser-Pratte said at 10:50 on 18 December 2013

That is a great idea.. Small charity organization will have an opportunity to see and experience what's the big event in large charities. Joelle Wyser-Pratte Managing partner of Ounavarra Capital Partners, LLC

Rachel Poulter said at 09:52 on 10 October 2013

I think this is a brillaint idea! It is only going encourage charities to help and boost each other! The Clare Foundation would be fantasticd for this! They work with Charaties to help them have more of an impact through what they want to achieve! They fantastic and are really pasionate about what they do! They would be great to get in touch with!

denis erwau said at 10:23 on 14 July 2013

Its agood idea tio introduce this.i think this can hlp me expand my charity through the twinning program

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