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Bible Twinning

Date posted: 09 Oct 2017

Bible Twinning

Recently we launched our new Bible Twinning initiative, and already we're seeing people across Northern Ireland getting excited about sharing the gift of God's Word.

It's a really simple initiative: If you own a Bible you can twin it - whether you've had it for years or it's a brand new Bible. You can twin a Bible as an individual or twin lots of Bibles as a church.

It's a great way to show that you know the value of your Bible. Recognising that it's important to you, you can share this gift with someone else. All you need to do is pay for their Bible - and that could take as little as £5.

For each Bible that you twin you can receive a label to put in your own Bible. It will remind you that you have helped someone else receive the amazing gift of the Bible and prompt you to pray for them as they discover God's Word.

Catherine Little, General Secretary of Bible Society NI, writes:

"Do you realise what an amazing privilege it is to have a Bible? Around the world there are still about 250 million people who have no access to any Scripture at all. Many millions more canít afford to buy a Bible for themselves. You could make a difference to someone who hasnít had their own Bible before. Twin your Bible.  Or why not twin all of your Bibles? You could even share this idea with your church and get them to twin their pew Bibles! 

This is a really practical step to stand with someone from another part of the world and make sure they have access to a Bible in a language that they can understand.  Godís Word is powerful, it is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) but people need to have access to it. 

A donation of just £5 could make sure that an individual or church receives a Bible in their heart language.

We have selected three places where there is Bible distribution happening Ė where will you support?  Where will you twin your Bible with?"

Twin your Bible with a Bible in China

Twin your Bible with a Bible in Cuba

Twin your Bible with a Bible in Togo

If you'd like to find out more information about Bible Twinning then visit our website or get in touch with us at 

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